We have specially designed this liquid level sensor to track your facility’s liquid inventory levels at all times.


  • Easy Installation

    No wiring! Installation in less than 15 minutes.

  • Battery Powered

    Ensures installation in places without power supply

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Access data from your computer or smart phone from across the world. You don't need to be physically present.

  • Low Maintenance

    No contact of sensor with water surface hence low maintenance and high life.

  • Long Range

    Sensor can transmit data over 2 km line of sight using secure communication

Liquid Level Sensor
Level sensor in process tank


Monitor any kind of liquid storage system

End Users

Working Principle

The sensor works on the principle of time of flight.

An ultrasonic beam is emitted, and the time taken to bounce off the surface and get received by the transducer is used to calculate the distance of water level from the sensor.

Data is then transmitted using long-range radio waves.

Liquid level sensor working principle
Liquid level Sensor Working principle

Case Studies

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