Why Digital Logbooks?

Efficient Data Logging

We have designed this digital logbook to help you digitize data at the first point of human contact. 

  • In fact, most industries maintain logbooks in notebooks and registers.
  • Later these logbooks are converted into spreadsheets and shared with other end users.
  • As a result data duplication is high while converting manual logbooks to spreadsheets.

With digital logbooks, you can use your own mobile phone to log data!

Digital logbook Home page
Digital logbook homepage

Track any Parameter

Customize your digital logbook interface to suit your facility’s needs. Track any parameter such as

  • Repairs
  • Breakdowns
  • Preventive maintenance logs
  • Spares Consumption

 In short, you can monitor any parameter in your facility, we have got you covered!

Efficient Data Analysis

The data in logbooks are critical in understanding the health of your machine. We have designed the digital logbook as an analytics platform so that you can

  • Understand which section or machine has the highest downtime
  • Common problems faced in your facility
  • Consumption pattern of spares etc.

In other words, you can analyse your entire facility in one click!

Understand Asset History

The digital logbook also acts as an asset historian.

  • You can access the entire maintenance history of each machine with a single click!
  • Particularly useful when an operator or technician moves out of the company. 

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